Store Credit Merchandise Return Card

Store credit cards are quickly becoming the norm for most major retailers when a customer returns merchandise to one of their stores. It allows retailers to retain a greater percentage of their revenue from in-store sales. In the past, the merchant has simply exchanged merchandise for an in-store voucher or certificate and in many cases the cashier would just give cash back to the customer. However, a new trend in the gift card industry has been to make the return or exchange process easier to track and monitor by utilizing an in-store credit card specifically for merchandise returns.

The Store Credit Merchandise Return Card creates value for the consumer and merchant in four ways:

  1. The consumer is given something that is more tangible and of a higher perceived value than a hand-written gift certificate or regular gift card.
  2. They don’t have to make an exchange decision at the moment they make the return. They can feel free to take their time and make the purchase that is right for them rather than hanging on to merchandise and a receipt.
  3. The consumer feels the exchange process is unique and pleasant in that they are receiving a special card. Having a special card for the return process also helps define the return policies of the store.
  4. The return policy becomes more efficient and is more easily tracked and controlled while streamlining the store’s accounting process. It also gives the merchant a greater return on their gift/loyalty card program.

The Merchandise Return Card can be ordered at any time as an addition to your regular gift card program. You can select one of our standard card options which we will discount if purchased at the same time as your custom order or simply design a completely custom card possibly with a different color than your regular color scheme.