Purchase Equipment to Process Your Gift Cards

The Gift and Loyalty Card Program is compatible with many of the popular models of credit card terminals as well as many models of POS Systems in the marketplace today. However, if you need a standalone terminal or software to process your program then we are pleased to be able to provide you with several excellent options at deeply discounted pricing:

Verifone Vx520

The Verifone Vx520 is an outstanding choice for merchants looking for a brand new current model EMV terminal so you can also use it to process your credit cards. Processes either via dialup or IP. Unit is brand new with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Offered at only $199.00

VeriFone Vx570

The VeriFone Vx570 is the predecessor to the Vx520. Since it is not EMV capable it is no longer good to process credit cards however it is still perfect for gift and/or loyalty cards since they don’t have chips. This terminal is available to purchase as a fully refurbished model that looks and performs like new. Comes with a one year warranty.

Offered at only $99.00.

Web Terminal

Our own proprietary Web Terminal can be used on any computer and is accessed with a User Name and Password that we provide. Perform all the same functions as the standalone terminals. Extremely easy to use.

Offered for Free to our Merchants.