Gift Card Merchandising Displays

It is important for you to display your gift cards in an attractive manner in your business so that your customers find it inviting to pick up one of your cards to give to their friends or family. Most cards are sold as an impulse item and that is why you will always find them displayed by the registers of every national retail chain store.

We have found that the more creative you are with your packaging and display the more sales you will make. We stock a variety of quality standard gift and loyalty marketing displays and packages which you are welcome to purchase from us at any time as an a la carte add-on to your program. We also encourage you to view and possibly purchase from among the large variety of creative products from private companies on the Internet that specialize in manufacturing and selling to the public. That way you get the best pricing on exactly what you want and need making for a much better investment for your gift card program purchasing dollars.

View our Selection of Packaging and Displays

In a recent study of gift card packaging the top form of gift card packaging is a tin box (29%) followed by paper pouches (19%), greeting cards (15%), and stuffed animal designs at 10%. Some 78% said that they would actually pay for their gift card packaging for a birthday and 72% said they would pay for gift card packaging for a December holiday. This means that a large majority of customers would actually cover the costs of your creative packaging decision. In fact shoppers in the survey said they would pay up to $1.43 for a paper carrier, $2.48 for an attractive tin box, or up to $3.66 for a stuffed animal gift card holder.

Possibly you are the creative type so why stick with a plain cardboard holder. We’ve seen many great displays that merchants have created themselves to match their own decor, everything from attaching them to a dog toy in a pet store to hanging them from a Christmas tree in a restaurant’s lobby.

Here are some examples of available displays and packaging: